I work as a freelance developmental editor. Here you can find answers to some questions you may have about my job. Prices are also listed down below.

What is an editor, and why do you need one?

Editors polish the work of writers; they take care of typos and grammar mistakes (line editing), but also and most importantly they make sure that the structure of the story as a whole works flawlessly (developmental editing). When working in English, I am exclusively a developmental editor.

Am I the right editor for you?

Yes, if you believe that rules help us writing better. Yes, if you’re ready to work extensively on your story. Yes, if writing a good story comes before being published.

If I edit your work, will you get published?

As for now, my contacts with publishers are not enough for me to get you published. I am an editor, not an agent. What I can do is get your manuscript ready for submission.

How do I edit a manuscript?

I am a very methodical editor. For a detailed account of what I do, read this dedicated page. You can also get an idea of the process by reading my articles about narrative techniques.

Do I have a favourite genre to work with?

I am not very keen on literary fiction, and if you need a thorough fact-checking I recommend contacting an expert in the field. Otherwise, I accept every genre and am particularly fond of transgressive fiction, hard-boiled fiction, chick-lit, memoires, urban and folklore-based fantasy.

How much is editing going to cost you?

For English texts I perform only developmental editing – which is more complicated, structured and expensive than line editing. Fares are calculated on word count, and they do not include taxes. Fares are applied per reading; if you want me to edit your work again, you will be charged again. All the conversations between us needed to clarify parts of the editing, though, are included in the fare.
All the payments have to be performed in advance, and we will always communicate through email.

You can learn more about the process and the terms listed below on this page.
For any question or enquiry, feel free to contact me.

Developmental Editing: FARES

  • Overall Plot Scheme | 10€ per 1.000 words (one reading) up to 80.000 words
    Flat addition of 10€ on the total for 80.000+ words.
  • Chapter Plot Scheme | 12€ per 1.000 words (one reading)
  • Detailed Developmental Analysis | 15€ per 1.000 words (one reading)
  • Chapter Plot Scheme & Detailed Developmental Analysis, together | 20€ per 1.000 words (one reading)
    Instead of 12 + 15 = 27€ per 1.000 words
  • Character analysis | 10€ per 1.000 words (one reading)
  • All of the previous, together | 25€ per 1.000 words (one reading)
    Instead of 10 + 20 + 10 = 40€ per 1.000 words
  • Unfinished Story Package | any of the previous packages, half-priced + one hour of coaching (25€)
  • Coaching hours | 1 hour: 25€ | 5  hours: 100€ (Instead of 5 times 25€ = 125€)

Please note that you will be charged an additional 21% on the total (VAT) in compliance with Dutch law.
More information here (in Dutch).

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